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If you are looking to visit the UK for a short trip, to see family and friends or for a short holiday, then you are likely to require a visit visa.

What is a UK Visitor Visa?

The UL Visitor Visa allows a short stay in the UK for up to 6 months. This visa can be used to for leisure and tourism, to meet with family members, to partake in business activity (with some limitations) and to receive private medical treatment.

If you are granted a UK Visitor Visa, you will be granted a right to enter and remain in the UK for the validity of your visa (usually 6 months).

There are a number of requirements set out in the Immigration Rules that need to be satisfied for a Visitor Visa to be granted.

What are the main requirements for a UK Visitor Visa?

  • Purpose of the Visit – It is important to set out in the application form, and where possible, back up with documentary evidence, the purpose of the visit. If the purpose of the visit is to meet family, it is helpful to set out the details of the family members and provide proof of the relationship. If the purpose of the visit is leisure and tourism, it can be helpful to provide evidence of hotel bookings etc.
  • Finances – From our experience, the entry clearance officer considering an application for a visitor visa, will often want to see that an applicant is financially secure. This means that they want to see that you have a regular income (from work, business or pension) and that you can adequately support yourself for the duration of the visit.
  • Accommodation – It goes without saying that you will have made plans for your accommodation in the UK. it will help your case if you can show evidence of this. If you plan to live with family, written permission from them with proof of their accommodation will be of use. If staying in a hotel, evidence of the hotel bookings should be provided.
  • Intention to Return – In our experience, this tends to be the biggest sticking point for most cases that are refused. An entry clearance officer may doubt the intentions of an applicant, and wants to see that the applicant will leave the UK and return to their home country at the end of the visit. We would therefore advise that you provide documents to demonstrate that you intend to return after the completion of your visit.

What documents do I need for a UK Visitor Visa?

An important part of the UK Visitor visa process is the provision of documents to the Home Office to assess the application.

You will be required to submit documents as part of your visa application, to support your case.

It is not possible to provide a complete list of documents that apply to every case, as this will depend on your personal circumstances. For advice tailored to your particular case, contact us, and we will be happy to advise.

As a general guide, you may want to consider the following documents:

  • Your passport/proof of ID
  • Personal information such as home address;
  • Evidence of any family in the UK;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Travel history for the past 10 years;
  • Evidence of your finances (work, bank statements etc);
  • Contact information of the people you will visit
  • Intention to leave the UK on visa expiry. Evidence could include proof of a job or studies in your home country, or family living in your home country.

How long will my UK Visitor Visa Application take?

The time can vary, and depends on a number of factors. On average, we tend to received decisions in around 2 weeks from the date of application.

The time can vary, and depends on a number of factors. On average, we tend to received decisions in around 2 weeks from the date of application.

A UK Visitor Visa is usually granted for a period of 6 months. You must return to your home country by the date of expiry on your visa.

You can also apply for a longer term visa, for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. This will allow you to enter the UK at any time during the grant of the visa, but you must always return to your home country within 6 months on each occasion.

What happens if my UK Visitor Visa is rejected?

If your application is rejected, it is important to consider in detail the reasons provided by the Home Office for doing so.

There is no automatic right of appeal against a refusal.  However, this does not mean that nothing can be done.

At Batley Law, we have advised numerous clients faced with this situation and our team are on hand to provide you with a list of options that you may have available. For example, we may be able to run an appeal for you on the basis of human rights, as we have done for other clients previously.

There is also the option of Judicial Review. We have a number of success stories whereby we have been able to overturn a refusal of a Visitor Visa, by challenging the Home Office decision through the Judicial Review process.

Contact us today, our experts are on-hand to discuss your case with you.

How can Batley Law help with my UK Visitor Visa Application?

To stand a better chance of success, it is important that you receive advice from an early stage.

For every case, we will:

  • Advise you of the requirements that apply to your case;
  • Provide you with a list of documents that you should collate as evidence to support the application;
  • Check all of your documents to ensure they comply with the requirements;
  • Complete the online application;
  • Arrange the visa appointment;
  • Draft a detailed letter of representations to go with your application.

If you would like our assistance with your spouse application, get in touch today.

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